Real-time, location-specific networking software that accelerates connections

How to sign up your location

Every location where they use the S2M concept, you feel the vibe. “What vibe?” you ask me. It’s simple! At an S2M location people are always open to meet each other, share knowledge and help everyone grow. That’s what keeps attracting people and makes a location relevant.
S2M creates this culture with The Serendipity Machine (TSM)

First you start with the TSM @ your location to become part of this S2M ecosystem! Mandatory for locations outside the Netherlands.

Why first The Serendipity Machine, what’s in it for you?

You get connected to an increasing network of already 200+ TSM Locations, 200+ ambassadors and 60.000+ users from all over the world
By using TSM and putting some effort in it you will have a vibrating culture at your location in no-time
You have access to a dashboard with relevant data of your visitors, what they’re working on and their potential
Exposure in the epic centre of the new society (3.0) through TwitterFacebook and Instagram
Your place is highlighted as a TSM location at the coolworkspace map where flexible workers can pin or find the best places to be or work

Okay the Serendipity Machine is fully integrated at my location.

Now what?

With The Serendipity Machine you create the culture which is typically for the S2M concept. Once you achieved that and you want to manage your location with the booking system for workspaces (and meetingspaces), you’re very welcome.