Manage your coworking seats, meeting spaces and desk spaces
and stimulate your guests to connect, collaborate and grow

Coworking, Sales and Reservation System with a Data and Matchmaking Algorithm

Why do I want to become a S2M host?!

Is this you? ⬇️

You’re triggered by the phenomenon of coworking, believe in the power of bringing people together and want lots of real value in your location…
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Hosting connections 👯‍♀️

You want to create value for yourself and all your stakeholders by hosting them to connect, collaborate and grow at your location.

Fan of Social Capital 🥳

Join the network of S2M. The only organisation world-wide that uses Social Capital in their business model.

You’re in control 💪

You can manage & facilitate this proces by using your abundance of space and the S2M Manage system. Plus all channels we offer you to share stories about the people at your location. Choose your opening hours, facilities and pricing.

We’re here to help you 🙌

Our team is ready to guide you to become the super host you can be. Online trainings for you and your team, video-calls and local support. Our AI driven algorithm matches you to relevant content, experts, events and locations to find the right answer.

The result 🚀

You will know your guests, their needs and that’s why you’re a relevant place for them to go to.

How to become a S2M host...

Show yourself

We believe in sharing your abundance and open coworking.
Invite people from your network and neighbours and offer seats in your location for social capital.
Show yourself, tell your vision and why you are opening up your doors.
Host events based on the needs of your visitors and show what you can offer them.

Grow your business

Connect with the people inside your location and create value/business together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share my coworking center as a powered by S2M location? 🏨

Can we share our office/HQ as a powered by S2M location? 💼

Yes you can! 🚀
Receive massive knowledge, network, inspiration and fun in your office! Open your doors and you will start connecting, collaborating and growing; together. Share your abundance and share your knowledge, this is how you make from your empty seats an innovative place. Choose your package and start right away.

Can I share my hotel lounge as a powered by S2M location? 🏨

Can I share my library as a powered by S2M location? 🏨

Can I share my theater lobby as a powered by S2M location? 🏨

Can everybody start a powered by S2M location? 🏡

Yes! 🚀
Everyone with the space to host someone. There are lots of different locations in our network already, as in companies, schools, coworking spaces, hotel lobby’s, living rooms and more.

What is the right package for me? 🎁

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What are the costs? 💰

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I don't have meeting/event rooms, can I still join with my location? 🥺

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What is Social Capital? ✨

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What is the S2M ecosystem? ✨

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What is a user? ✨

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What is a host? ✨

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How can I enter my management system?

  1. Go to and login with your S2M Passport, in the right upper corner of the screen.
  2. Click for a drop down menu on your own picture
  3. Below ‘My locations’ you will find the access to the management system of your location.

How can I do marketing within the S2M ecosystem?

Best marketing you can do is by telling success stories from you and your guests at your location.

Post them in the S2M online magazine

The Passport will match your content to people in the ecosystem

Our Social Media spread content from the magazine in all S2M channels you can post this content in your channels as well