We’ve got you covered.
Here you will find answers on how to make bookings,
register you’re Powered by S2M location, what we do to protect your privacy and more.  Couldn’t find your answer here?
Visit our contact page to find the right contact person.


We’ve got you covered.
Here you will find answers on how to make bookings,
register you’re Powered by S2M location, what we do to protect your privacy and more.  Couldn’t find your answer here?
Visit our contact page to find the right contact person.

Can I share my coworking center as a powered by S2M location? ?

Can we share our office/HQ as a powered by S2M location? ?

Yes, that is a good fit. The S2M concept and software upgrades your company office to the next level. Facilitate connections, collaborations and growth for your company and its employees.

By becoming a Powered by S2M location you offer work and meeting space which helps you to connect to the outside world, stay up to date with the latest trends, meet local entrepreneurs. You facilitate unexpected yet relevant meetings by offering the work and meeting spaces in exchange for social capital. You don’t rent these desks out. Employees and S2M users (who can join at no cost) book the desks in exchange for social capital. They, in turn, offer their knowledge, interests, and talents to you and each other.

Achmea is the largest insurance company in The Netherlands and a Powered by S2M location. They started over 50 innovation projects in collaboration with S2M users. 

As a Powered by S2M location your company stays connected in the ever-changing world. The Business package will fit you best. Join or read more on the packages on offer here.

Can I share my hotel lounge as a powered by S2M location? ?

Can I share my library as a powered by S2M location? ?

Can I share my theater lobby as a powered by S2M location? ?

Can everybody start a powered by S2M location? ?

Yes, everybody who wants to facilitate a place where people can connect, collaborate and grow, can start a powered by S2M location. Yet Seats2meet doesn’t own or manage locations, it something you have to do. Seats2meet provides the platform, knowledge and online tools.

What is the right package for me? ?

Seats2meet provides different products. The core activities are providing a platform, knowledge and online tool for coworking, meeting(spaces) and events(spaces). 

Each is available as loose elements. You can only provide coworking for social capital, this is the package S2M Social. Paid coworking features are available in the Business package. For the additional service of renting out meeting spaces then we have the Enterprise package.

What are the costs? ?

The cost depends on the package you choose. It varies from €0,- for the social capital start, to  €199 a month plus €2,- per paid seat in the Business package. Check the pricing page for more information.

I don't have meeting/event rooms, can I still join with my location? ?

You can still join with your location and facilitate connections and collaborations among users. Choose for the package S2M Social or S2M Business.

What is Social Capital?

This is everything that creates value but is not money. We focus especially on professional knowledge, expertise, and skills. Research of the Erasmus university shows, that when people share their knowledge, expertise, and skills at the beginning of contact, they become more successful in a faster time. This is based on reciprocity, which is a law of nature.

What is the S2M ecosystem?

This is S2M as a whole – all the coworkers, location hosts, partners, collaborators, stakeholders.

What is a user?

All people who created an S2M Passport and makes bookings, checks in, asks questions, give answers or are in a different way active in the Ecosystem

What is a host?

This is the location owner of a Powered by Seats2meet location.psum

What is coworking?

We like to see that “co” stands for connected, so in this case, it’s doing your work in connection with others who are open to collaborate.

What is a S2M Passport?

This is the online environment of each user where they manage all their data, get answers to questions, and connect to people who fit with matching interests and work. It’s the place where the whole ecosystem comes together. Manage offline bookings and connect to people relevant to you. Have a question? The AI algorithm matches you with the right experts who can help you and vice versa. Share knowledge, and enable growth.

How can I enter my management system?

Go to www.seats2meet.com and log in the top right corner. Then you will see your personal menu is visible. Click on it and in the drop down menu to see how to access your location.

How can I do marketing within the S2M ecosystem?

The S2M platform and its tools are created to help you grow your business. 

The best way to grow is by connecting yourself and your business to a huge network and to show yourself. S2M is the stage where you present yourself to your potential market. 

Tell your story as much as you like in the online magazine, the algorithm connects it with your audience (based on their needs), Let all people check-in at your location, Your location will become more and more visible to the whole network (the more activity the more exposure). Add all events you host to the event calendar, the algorithm matches these to the right audience (again based on their needs). 

Be a user yourself as well, share knowledge, ask questions, answer them, tell your story, organize events yourself. This is how the network of your potential market will grow and grow and that results in more business. 

To help you, even more, Seats2meet provides you with all kind of insights and stats about your visitors. You can see what the hot topics are at your location and create content on this, we’ll show you the booking and payment behavior of your visitors. Your market is there to learn from.

How can I use the S2M management system most optimal?

An awesome S2M host created a Udemy course about S2m. Check it out for free.

https://www.udemy.com/seats2meet-management-software/ use this password S2M0987)(*&

What is your S2M Passport?

Your Seats2meet Passport is the entrance to your coworking world

It is the place where you manage all your data, get answers to your questions, and where you connect with people who fit with your interests and work.

  • Connect: get connected to the right people
  • Collaborate: post questions and always receive answers
  • Grow: share knowledge and create opportunities

The Seats2meet Passport is the place that ties the ecosystem together. Manage offline bookings and connect to people relevant to you. Have a question? The AI algorithm matches you with the right experts to help. Share your knowledge enables growth for yourself and others!

Check out your seats2meet Passport at: passport.seats2meet.com

What is the Connecting Event Software?

Events are great to connect, collaborate and grow. 

With the event software from Seats2meet.com you are super charging your events. Use the smart

matching tool to attract new audiences. Offer a great service to your audiences to find the best

match for them during your event.

The Connecting Event Software works with an AI-driven algorithm that matches users. Our goal is to match users to relevant content before the event to help organizers bring more value. The Connecting Event Software is free to use and your event doesn’t have to take place at an S2M location. 

We don’t aim to have the best event organization tool, we aim to have the best connecting tool for events. The focus is completely on the people. Because you come for the events but stay for the people. Create, explore and find relevant events for you here: Passport.seats2meet.com/events.

What is coworking?

Coworking for us is connecting, collaborating and growing together in a dynamic environment. You don’t have to be colleagues or work on the same projects to cowork together. At S2M we use coworking as a tool to grow together. That’s why we don’t ask for money to cowork. S2M a powerful tool to enrich businesses and professionals. That’s worth a million!

What are meetingspaces?

Meeting spaces are workshop spaces need to be a closed-off space. There are all different kinds of meeting spaces, for small or large groups, with creative or a professional look. Pick your next meeting space here: https://www.seats2meet.com/en/meetings. 

We respect the dynamics of our time. Guests may modify or cancel their reservation, free of charge, up to 24 hours before the meeting time.

What is the S2M Magazine?

What is Seats2meet International?

Seats2meet International is the headquarters of S2M. With a small core team of 5 people. We are located in Utrecht, in the middle of the Netherlands.
We work with a huge group of professionals and form a dynamic network organization. We work with many great women. Read here the story of our girls.

Where can I find contact information?

All the contact information you find here.

Who do I contact when I want to work at or with S2M?

Have an idea for a partnership or collab? Let us know at myown@seats2meet.com

How does S2M deal with my privacy?

We have high standards regarding how we deal with privacy and GDPR regulation. Read here or mail any questions at privacy@seats2meet.com.