Let us guide you

1. First things first ☝

Sign up and your location will be visible in the Worldwide S2M Network

2. Next: Show it 💃

This is you ✨shining✨ in the S2M network

Make sure your information is complete, cause everybody sees you here!
Use it wise…

Show the activity @ your location

Show the world what is happening at your location. The more activities the better your location!

3. Last but not least…
Manage it! 😎

24/7 access to your online location management system

  1. Go to www.seats2meet.com
  2. Login with your personal profile
  3. Click at your picture, there you’ll find the access to your location

Use the tools we give you

Here is a guide for you, to use the tools in a splendid way

You have our blessing, go for it 🙌