Real-time, location-specific networking software that accelerates connections

Why and how signing up your location

After this the costs are €99,- per month

Why Seats2meet, what’s in it for you?

You get connected to 150 hosts, more than 200 ambassadors and 100.000 knowmads from all over the world
Access to discussions, conversations and tips about managing a location and events
You gain immediate access to all the S2M tools including The Serendipity Machine and the booking system, where you can change opening times and prices at any given time
Your place is highlighted as a S2M location at the coolworkspace map where flexible workers can pin or find the best places to work nearby
 A direct line with the S2M international team for any necessary assistance or to give suggestions and make S2M even better
 Exposure in the epic centre of the new society (3.0) through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

S2M gives you:

A capacity engine

With this manage tool, you can control the number of cowork seats at your location. S2M users can book these seats online at

How to’s

S2M hosts wants to share their experiences. They wrote it down and voila, a lot of how to’s to support you on your way to success. Find them here

An event calendar

Organizing an event? Use this facility in your manage system to put your event in the S2M event calendar and get exposure. Go to the event calendar

Support from S2M peers

Everybody has their own experiences on their way to succes. Let’s share it with each other to help each other out. Meet them now!

The HQ Magazine

Written by S2M hosts we created an online magazine with the latest trends, especially for S2M hosts.
Go to the magazine for hosts

Live tv screen of your location

A lot of people with a lot of knowledge visits your location. Show everybody who is there with which knowledge at that moment.
See an example with live data 

What S2M hosts wants to know

What do I have to do?

Create a place at your location where people (your stakeholders) are welcome to come and work, meet, connect, share knowledge, etc. Facilitate them with things you probably already have, as seats, tables and Wi-Fi (coffee also works very well). Sign up your location online and let them book their spots. With this S2M software you and your stakeholders have access to the worldwide network of all users, S2M hosts (like you) and ambassadors.

What are the rules of using the S2M license?

It doens’t get any easier than that. For the first time ever you will agree after reading. To sign up a location you need to agree on our super simple Rights and Responsibles

What is Society3.0?

Seats2meet is based on the philosophy Society 3.0. Understand it in 10 minutes by watching this video:

What is the business model?

Let me put it in a simple way. You already have a business model. You have more people helping you in exchange of things you already have (wifi, seats, tables). Your revenue increases. In other words, you are responsible for your own business model on the monetary part and if you integrate the S2M concept well, your business will indirect increase. The S2M concept adds Social Capital to the already existing business model of your organization.

What’s in it for me?

A boost to your own network and a stage for you and your own organization. You will make your location a place where people can connect, collaborate and grow. In that way people bring more people and you can see where this goes right? Be THE place to be!

What is Social Capital?

Seats2meet believes that Social Capital is an great alternative economic value. Understand this inovative concept in 5 minutes: