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In the spotlight!

Erik Visser from The Netherlands

"Op weg naar een betere wereld door mensen te helpen en liefst het onmogelijke mogelijk te maken."




Add a cool workspace

Do you know a cool workspace?

Where they should open up and show the knowledge that is available over there?
Let people meet each other and share their knowledge, talents, creativity?

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The Vision
At Seats2meet (S2M) we believe in people. We believe in supporting each other on our ways to success. Together we can make the world a smarter, better and more sustainable place. We believe in lifelong learning, in sharing knowledge. This is why everything we do at S2M is aimed at connecting and empowering people to excel, both as an individual and as a professional. To stay relevant in the world that is changing rapidly. To become an even better version of themselves. For themselves.

The Mision
We are on a journey towards society 3.0. We do this by facilitating physical and virtual environments where we connect and match people dynamically using the latest innovative technologies. Our goal? to facilitate people to become the best version of themselves for themselves!


Video's about Seats2meet

 -RSM Discovery  "How coworking helps your business"

-Atmosphere Seats2meet  "Impression"

-A day within Seats2meet "Explained" 

-Social Capital "Explained"

-Society 3.0 "Explained"

-Society 3.0 "Ronald van den Hoff"

-Ambassador "Ambassador case"

-How to create a location? "Explained"  

User cases

Seats2meet used in different cases: 



-School Niekee School

-Small offices "Het Stadshuisje"

-@Home "Seats2meet for Locals"

-Corporates "Achmea and Makro"

-Working in nature "Seats2meet for Silence"




Presentation about Seats2meet

A Prezi that explains what Seats2meet does for your organisation. 

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