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Top locations use all tools

Check in system


1. Order the Ipad Air 2 Wifi 32gb €400,-
2. Order here the standard €400,-
3. Set up the Ipad and instal this app €50,-
4. Set your URL of your check in system in the app

Data TV Screen

1. Buy the Desktop Projector €1200,-
2. Instal your URL of your Data TV screen
3. Instal the projector at a visible spot


1. Buy one tv screen per floor e.g. this one
2. Buy a mobile tv standard per tv e.g. this one
3. Buy mini computers per tv, e.g. Raspberry pi 
4. Instal your URL of your Data TV at the Raspberry pi’s
5. Connect the Raspberry pi’s to the TV screens
6. Show the TV’s at a visible spot

Our magazine the S2M stage


Tell your story and the stories of the users at your location. Post your blog/article in the online S2M magazine. Why, you’re asking us? Because this is the way to make sure people see and hear you. We send your blogpost within all our social media channels and weekly newsletter to +50.000 readers.

A way to attract people to your location, because things happening over there 💃

Send an email to She helps you out as no other 😎